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Meet the Staff of Kane's Auto Sales & Service

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Adam Forand - Owner

603-425-6315 - Adam@KanesNH.com

Adam started this company in 2009 with just a few cars and nothing but a dream. Since then he has taken this company to heights that most wouldn't even think was possible! We are now stronger then ever with plans to continue to grow even more. ( Look for Kane’s Auto of Florida sooner then later !) He personally invites you to come down and see what the Kanes family has to offer you! Welcome to the Kane’s Auto Family #KanesForever

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Chris Forand - Auctioneer / Buyer

603-329-3835 - Chris@KanesNH.com

Chris helped start the company with his brother Adam, he is now the only buyer for all of Kane's inventory and helps Adam with the day to day operations that make our service department run so smoothly. Come see Chris if you have any car related questions.

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Roger Forand - Runner

603-425-6315 - Rogerff48@gmail.com

Father of the owner, and semi retired right now after 9 plus years helping his sons turn Kanes into the beast it is right now . But Roger can be seen every morning making sure the guys are motivated and doing the right thing or running Mass reg runs or the everyday little errands that makes Kane’s able to keep running like the well oiled beast it is .

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Brandi Lang - Office/Service Manager

603-425-6315 - Brandi@KanesNH.com

Brandi provides outstanding customer service to our customers. She assists in all departments at Kane's from accounting, service and all the way to sales, she will always go above and beyond to ensure your vehicle needs are met. You can find her on any given day with a big smile answering any and all questions you may have!! 

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Shaun Beaudry - Sales & F&I

603-425-6315 - Shaun@KanesNH.com

Shaun came to Kane’s around 2014 to replace our Finance Mgr at the time and help Kane’s to move that next level and that exactly what he did . He has helped us into Finance 101 , got us into Cudl lending so now we have most Credit Unions at a fingertips touch away and Kane’s moving forward in the right direction , you’ll be able to hear Shaun anywhere on the lot with that Lowell Boston accent and high volume talking but he’ll get you the best deal possible and knows why and how to make the customer number one always . Come down and visit

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Chris Tagliareni - Finance Manager

603-425-6315 - tags@kanesnh.com

Tags has done what few others have and worked his way from detailing cars to sales mgr to finance and to finance mgr in less then three years, he has a nack for getting things done and is a huge part of the Kane’s Auto Family , you’ll see him around the office making dreams come true one customer at a time or his second job being a stunt double for James Franco’s little brother Dave Franco in all his motion pictures . Big things are still to come for Chris (Tags) Tagliareni here at Kane’s.

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Dallas Fridley - Mechanic

603-425-6315 - kanesauto@yahoo.com

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