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Meet the Staff of Kane's Auto Sales Manchester

Adam Forand - Owner

603-425-6315 - Adam@KanesNH.com

Adam started this company over 7 years ago with just a few cars and nothing but a dream. Since then he has taken this company to heights that most wouldn't even think was possible! We are now stronger then ever with plans to continue to grow even more. He personally invites you to come down and see what the Kanes family has to offer you!

Chris Forand - Service Mgr / Buyer

603-329-3835 - Chris@KanesNH.com

Chris helped start the company with his brother Adam over 8 1/2 years ago, he is now one of our 2 buyers and our one and only service manager. Come see Chris if you have any car related questions he's the man to see!

Roger Forand - Fleet Mgr

603-361-1199 - Rogerff48@gmail.com

Father of the owner, Roger can be found running all over New England picking up and delivering our inventory!

John Horne - Buyer

603-329-3835 - John@KanesNH.com

John has not only been a big part of the company since the beginning but life long friends with the Forands, going all the way back to the elementary school days. He is travels all over to find you your dream vehicle and helps you long after you leave the lot !

PJ Simmons - GM / Finance Manager

603-292-3332 - PJ@KanesNH.com

PJ joined the Kane's Auto Family just over 5  years ago. He started off in sales and produced beyond impressive numbers which ended up landing him in one of the Finance Manager spots that were open. After even more hard work and dedication go the GM spot for Kane's and is around most days to help with Sales & Service.

Eddie Hamel - Sales Mgr

603-505-9030 - Eddie@KanesNH.com

Eddie has been providing customers with amazing sales service with Kane's for almost a 3 years now. He prides himself on making everyone around him feel welcome and at home. It's safe to say he's not your average sales person and he loves what he does!

Shaun Beaudry - Senior Finance Manager

603-329-3819 - Shaun@KanesNH.com

Shaun has been in the car sales business for over 20 years working at many very credible dealerships. When it comes to Shaun he can do it all but now he try's to focus on being one of the best finance managers and warranty specialists Kane's has ever seen. Shaun is a must see must meet when you come down!

Nate Edwards - Lot Manager

603-329-3834 - natedwards11@gmail.com

Nate has worked his way from the bottom on the service side of the dealership. Now has a crew of detailers that he is responsible for so if you love the way the cars look he and his crew are responsible. Nate has been with Kane's Auto Sales & Service go about 4 years now and still coming up with great ideas everyday to make things one step better then the next dealership and it is appreciated.

Ziggy - Service Mgr

603-329-3834 -

Jesse Lannoo - Salesman

603-425-6315 - jesse@kanesnh.com

Jesse AKA ApeTheGrim is a long long time friend of the Kane's Auto and Forand family. He grew up with most of the guys in Epping and his step brother Johnny is our head buyer for the dealership. Jesse had and has great customer service coming from the food industry but was going to be a newbie when it came to car sales but his great personality and eye for detail made him exceed beyond anyone's dreams and in his only second month made Employee of the month for the wall of fame. You can find Jesse weekdays at the lot showing people to their next dream car or nights at the local clubs or rap battles spitting fire. 

Gary Johnson - Salesman

603-425-6315 - Gary@KanesNH.com

Gary is the newest edition to the Kane's Auto Sales team, he came to us with over 25 plus years experience. Come visit him and fall in love with  his southern accent and see how comfortable he makes you feel throughout the whole sale process.

Keri Dekastrozza - Office Manager

603-329-3834 - Keri@KanesNH.com

Keri is the newest member to the Kane's Auto Team, we were looking for a small amount of time for someone to fit perfect to our company and she was perfect. Had the knowledge needed to do everyday skills the office needed and brought her own look on certain things. Glad that Keri is now a part of the Kane's Auto Sales & Service Family !!

Kane's Auto Sales Manchester - Friendly Staff

603-922-7146 - kanesauto@yahoo.com

From the moment you step on our lot until the time you drive away in your next car, your buying experience with Kane's Auto Sales & Service Manchester is our number one priority. We encourage you to use the expertise and resources of our sales staff; they are here to help you find the right car at the right price. Call us today at 603-425-6315 press 1 for sales and to schedule your next test drive!